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Drugs – What Are the Signs of Drug Abuse

Addiction of any kind whether to alcohol, gambling, sex and other forms of substance and bad habit can be damaging. However, the worse among these is to become addicted to drugs as these could alter your life completely or kill you.
Drugs are so powerful that it can leave you totally destroyed and your loved one, once the abuse becomes rampant and out of hand. It will rule you and take over your life and then leave you flat broke, as the cost of maintaining this addiction is no laughing matter. We all have heard of addicts stealing just so they can buy drugs, since once you get hooked it will be hard to let go, unless you have someone to help you.
You may think that a few snort every now and then will not make you addicted, well you are dead wrong. Since it will be the start of your addiction, marijuana can lead to more dangerous drugs and other highly dangerous substances. As your body becomes immune to the drug you are presently taking, then you will naturally look for another one, more powerful to get you high.
So how will you know if you are already on the hook, or if your present experience is related to drug abuse? The following are the rundown of what you can experience, once you started taking drugs.
• You can experience frequent urge to take drugs
• You will experience difficulty in concentrating
• Mood swing, depression and anxiety will become part of your daily routine
• Your relationship with your family and friends will be affected to the point wherein you will never bother to see them, unless you needed money for a quick fix.
• You will no longer eat properly
• You will leave your job or your boss will fire you from taking too much absences
• You will become indebted to many people
These are just some of the things you can experience or what you are presently experiencing. All these can happen to you and more, if you will not stop your addiction. If you are on the early stage of drug abuse, then think of these consequences.
Drugs are neither your friend nor the solution to your problems. It cannot give you the happiness, relationship or the life you wanted. In fact, it can give you the opposite of what you want on your life. You are never a winner with drugs, and there is no problem that can be fixed by becoming addicted to drugs.
Life is short; if you keep on wasting them on drugs then you may be dead right now. Of course, this is when you do nothing to help yourself. Addiction can be treated; there is still hope to turn your life around. All you need to do is take the first step, by seeking immediate help. If you want to be free from drugs, you can as there are many people who are more than willing to assist you. Take the first step NOW.

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Alcohol – Important Facts You Need to know Regarding Alcohol Abu

Alcoholism is the famous term for alcohol abuse and dependence. It is a disorder that can create too much problems in your life, which sometimes the effect or consequences can involve your life or the life of someone you love the most.
Alcoholism can affect not just your relationship with other people, but it can also destroy your body. In fact, the effect of alcohol in the body can cause different health problems such as memory disorder, liver disease, high blood pressure, anemia, abnormal heart condition, gastrointestinal inflammation, and low blood sugar, high fat content and other related diseases.
Aside from health effects, this addiction is another source of social disorder in our society. Problems that include murder, homelessness, violent crime, rape, injury and other alcohol related incident. Even statistics concluded that 50% all deaths in all motor vehicle accidents are due to drunkenness of the driver. A child from age 15 and up is now exposed or has experience drinking, and the rate is growing by the day.
Alcoholism has no real cause, nor can we say that alcoholism is also genetically inherited. Although according to some medical study, children of alcoholic parents are more or less likely to develop this addiction as well. Probably, because they are exposed to the substance even while they are young or due to peer pressure. Adolescent can be difficult especially if you also have other issues to deal with, as well.
Moreover, a child who comes from broken family or has been adopted and raised by another family, are easily susceptible to drinking. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying all children who come from these backgrounds will eventually become like their parents, as the decision is up to them and to you. The risk and temptation of this and other addictive substance is around us, the decision whether you want to get trap by them is entirely up to you and you alone.
This kind of addiction has two effects the long term and short term. Short term effects of alcoholism are impaired vision, slurring of speech, abnormal heart rate, poor balance, and difficulty in walking. While long term effects are liver disease, abnormal sleep pattern, numbness in the legs and arm, liver disease and diarrhea. The effects of long term on the other hand, is so severe and many to mention as it can probably exhaust you from reading.
All you need to understand and this is the most important thing, is that alcoholism is an issue that must be dealt with accordingly. Do not think that you alone can overcome this addiction, because no one man can easily let go of his addiction, no matter how much they love their family. As much as we hate to admit it, we all need a little help from time to time.
Alcoholism is one problem that assistance or help should be welcomed with and open arm. It is best to rid of this addiction as early as possible, to avoid long term effects or the negative consequences of your abuse.

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Counseling Guildford – The Way to Overcome Your Addiction

Alcohol abuse is now one of the leading problems of most people, aside from drugs. Why? It because alcoholism or drinking more than the average level of alcohol per day can affect a person’s metal health, physical health, family, and job or social responsibilities. If you are one of the people suffering from alcohol addiction, then your luck has finally changed as this article can help you find help.
Yes! You have read it right, as with most addiction there is always a way to overcome bad habits. Do not think for one moment that there is no cure or a way to help you with your present problem, as there is a way through the help of counseling Guildford. However before we explain how best we can help you, there are still things you need to understand about the effects of alcohol abuse in your life.
Most people drink because they want to forget their problems, because of peer pressure, or they want to relieve the stress in life. But what they do not know is that a simple drink here and there to ease the difficulties of life, can make them addicted or they may like the feel of being intoxicated, that is becomes hard to let go. Here is where the problem started, when you become too dependent on alcohol.
If you have been drinking for quite some time now, it will be hard to rid of the addiction. Nevertheless as mentioned awhile ago, it is not impossible if you have someone or something to help you like a counseling Guildford. Keep in mind that you cannot overcome your addiction if you do not have the determination and will-power to really changes.
People who have been addicted to any substance will need all the help they can get, since they cannot do it alone. If you or any member of your family is suffering from alcohol abuse, then it is time to take the first step to rid the problem before it becomes worse or completely destroy your life and those around you.
At present, there are many people and organization willing to help you beat alcoholism, like the counseling Guildford. These are a group of professionals who has a wide experience in helping people who are suffering from any addictions, trauma, depression and those who needed counseling in any areas of their life.
Counseling is a great way to deal with whatever issues and conflicts that has plague your life, if there is any. After all, there is no illness or diseases that cause you to become alcoholic but there is a reason why you were drove into a drinking stupor.
A good counseling can help changes or turn your life around, and with counseling Guildford you are assured to get the best of everything. Remember that a counsel is not, an enemy or someone who will condemn you nor lecture you to death. In fact, they are the people who will assist and guide you every step of the way, to a new you.

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Eating Disorder – Things You Need to Know About Your Bad Eating

An eating disorder is characterized by an irregular eating habit. It is a disorder wherein you will either eat less or eat more than you should. A bad eating habit can affect your health eventually, if not treated right away.
All over the world, male and female are suffering from bad eating habit. However the women are the ones who have the highest rate of reported cases, as a matter of fact 5-10 million of women in the United States have eating disorder, compared to men who just average 1 million. This figure is in the US alone, how much more if we include other English countries.
Most people develop this disorder simply because they often associated sexiness or good health to being lean and thin. When in fact, it is the exact opposite of the truth, you may look good like the model in the magazine, but if you have been throwing up or vomiting every time you eat then it does not compensate even if you look good, especially if you ended up in the hospital.
Looking good and sexy does not mean you have to eat less, just to look thin. After all, there are other ways to reduce weight and maintain your figure other than not eating properly. Thousands of people die each year from their eating disorder, and thousands will still die because of their ignorance and lack of self-respect.
Teenagers are the ones who are affected aside from females. They are often the victim of too much self-conscious, particularly with their body. As they go through puberty and other physical changes, coupled by social and peer pressure, hence they are more likely to fall into a bad eating habit. Once this happen, you will need all the help you can get.
Bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are examples of bad eating habit that can have an effect on your physical health and social life. If you have become too obsessed with your weight, that you have already lose weight tremendously, or your normal routine has already changes and most important when your body functions is no longer performing the way it used to be. Then it is time to consult with a professional.
In truth, eating disorder is cause by psychological problems, a condition wherein your way of thinking is a bit distorted. Bad eating habit is actually a result of negative thoughts and insecurities about your own body. It is not a disease that you acquire from someone, by touch or physical contacts. It is a problem created by wrong beliefs and irregular eating habit, something that you can fix if you want too.
Keep in mind that bad eating habit if not treated or stopped right away, may be difficult to break later. So if you want to be free from your eating disorder, and eat normally then you should seek immediate treatment and proper care right away.
Do not attempt to treat yourself, since it might backfire and become worse. It is the last thing you need, so be smart and find help straightaway.

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